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The directives outlined within this document govern your utilization and interaction with this platform. By employing our services, or probing this platform, you implicitly conform to these stipulated terms, supplemented by any extra guidelines, limitations, or stipulations that may sequentially accompany specific fragments of this site. All subsequent guidelines, restrictions, and conditions are incorporated within these terms by reference.

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General Overview

Transactions and terms executed online via or over the phone are subject to the legislative purview of Mumbai, India. KGN Xerox LLP disclaims any accountability arising from delays and/or damages triggered by Machinery Breakdown, Acts of God, governmental or non-governmental actions consisting of war, riot, seizures, embargoes, etc.

Order Processing & Reservations

All orders are subject to KGN Xerox LLP’s approval. Prior authorization for price adjustments post the receipt of an order and the power to reject any undertaking at any juncture is reserved without obligation for recourse.

Returns & Refund Policy

Considering the unique qualities of the product range, returns or product exchanges cannot be effected once the order is processed and/or dispatched. Claims for defects, damage, or shortage are to be formalized in writing within 1 business day after receiving the merchandise/product.

Financial Transactions

In instances of a declined credit card transaction, KGN Xerox LLP withholds the right to process an order. Enforced legal processes to assert the terms of this agreement will involve the buyer shouldering reasonable legal fees and associated costs.


The responsibility undertaken by KGN Xerox LLP is restricted to potential product replacement, explicitly excluding the provision of any warranty, implied or otherwise. The prospect of replacing a defective product or crediting the purchase amount is a prerogative of KGN Xerox LLP.


KGN Xerox LLP coordinates shipment with a reputed carrier. However, it bears no liability for delivery delays, loss, or damages incurred while the order is in transit with the shipping carrier.

Limitation of Liability

KGN Xerox LLP is indemnified against any contractual or torturous liabilities inclusive of negligence to the customer for incidental or consequential damages arising from the performance or non-performance of our obligations.

Cancellation Policy

KGN Xerox LLP and its associated entities maintain a no-refund policy on orders that have either been dispatched or canceled following order processing.

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